How to Create a Gospel Culture

Ray Ortlund | Feb 13, 2019

When someone visits your church, a good message might make an impact, but what’s ultimately more likely to impact the...

Why Christians Should Celebrate Black History Month

Matt Chandler | Feb 7, 2019

As believers, we engage in Black History Month as an opportunity to learn and celebrate the unique contributions of o...

Serving for and with the Servant King

Matt Chandler | Feb 1, 2019

Although Jesus is in charge of everything and everything is under His rule, we see throughout the New Testament that ...

The Holy Trinity

The Village Church | Jan 30, 2019

We break down some ways we’ve gotten The Holy Trinity wrong, a right definition of trinitarianism and what this means...

The Future is Yours

Jan 29, 2019

“The Future is Yours” is a serious yet hopeful reminder to Christians that we can stop chasing things that won’...

The Intrinsic Goodness of Singleness

Sam Allberry | Jan 24, 2019

There is value and goodness in being single, and churches need to begin to recognize this better and truly allow thos...

Surrender All

The Village Church Worship | Jan 22, 2019

Epiphany and the Light of the World

Matt Chandler | Jan 17, 2019

Jesus—the Light of the World—didn’t just come to illuminate the darkness in our world, but also to shine light into t...

Epiphany and Family Discipleship

Matt Chandler | Jan 10, 2019

The season of Advent provides a lot of natural ways for us to talk about Jesus with our kids, so how do we keep this ...

Do you Know Jesus or Know About Jesus?

Matt Chandler | Dec 28, 2018

In our culture today, it’s easy to think or feel like we know someone we have simply read about or follow on social m...

The Substance and Shadow of Christmas

Matt Chandler | Dec 21, 2018

As we approach Christmas, it’s important to separate the substance and the shadows of the season. Though we can certa...

Our Framework for Family Discipleship

Matt McCauley | Dec 17, 2018

When we talk about family discipleship, it’s helpful to have some common language. With that in mind, we created our ...