What Does it Mean to be “in Christ”?

Sam Allberry | Apr 8, 2019

The Bible frequently refers to believers as being “in Christ,” which refers to our union with Christ and has im...

How God Reveals Himself

The Village Church | Mar 29, 2019

We break down general revelation, special revelation, and why this doctrine (you might not have even heard of) matter...

Bad News Before the Good News

Matt Chandler | Mar 27, 2019

Lent gives us a space to sit in the darkness and heaviness of our own sin and brokenness so that we might better unde...

The Loss of Lament

Matt Chandler | Mar 21, 2019

When we aren’t sure how to cry out to God in the midst of doubt and fear, we learn to project a false strength that s...

What Does the Bible Tell Us About Homosexuality?

Sam Allberry | Mar 20, 2019

The Bible tells us that marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman, ultimately serving as a beautiful illustra...

Why Do We Fast During Lent?

Matt Chandler | Mar 13, 2019

During Lent, we refrain from some of the good gifts of God so that we can see and receive the better gift of Christ H...

Holy Holy Holy

The Village Church Worship | Mar 7, 2019

This acoustic version of an original song from The Village Church Worship reminds us of the perfection, glory, power ...

Being Reasonable on Social Media

Ray Ortlund | Mar 7, 2019

When we consider our use of social media, it’s helpful to remember Philippians 4:5—a reminder of our call to be reaso...

Fasting From Food

Matt Chandler | Mar 6, 2019

Fasting from food during Lent creates time and space for you to pray, consider and orient your heart around the bette...

Fasting for Family Discipleship

Matt Chandler | Mar 1, 2019

Fasting as a family during Lent frees up time that would typically have been spent elsewhere to consider the work of ...

Race & the Bible

The Village Church | Feb 27, 2019

We look at issues of race and diversity throughout the Bible and consider how this topic is connected to the gospel.

What is Biblical Friendship?

Sam Allberry | Feb 25, 2019

Modern friendship has become distant and shallow for many, amounting to a shared interest or social media interaction...