Jesse McKee

Jesse McKee

Media Director

Life Story

I have been attending The Village since early 2005. I remember it being such a contrast to my existing perception of what church was meant to be. I grew up in an independent, fundamental Baptist church and school where my faith was determined by my moralistic walk. This framed my view of Christianity and God into a series of checklist items to be accomplished throughout my life. As the list continued to lengthen, I found myself foreseeing an imminent failure.

Since I have been attending The Village, I am consistently being challenged to know Christ, rather than know about Him. The depth of community in my friends that I have been blessed with can only have been constructed by Christ. It is incredible to answer, "How are you doing?" with more than a one word answer.

One weekend, I saw a Video Producer position opening on staff in the bulletin. I was hoping they would consider me for contract work, rather than full time. But it soon became quite clear that full time was the only option. I spent the next few months wrestling with God over this decision. The problem was that I already knew the answer. My one fear was that my work and worship would inevitably collide. With much prayer and counsel, I felt that this is where I needed to be, and that God would take care of any remaining anxiety. I came on staff April 1, 2008. It has been such a blessing to work with a staff that truly desires Christ. I am looking forward to the years ahead at The Village.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for the Village is that we never forget why we're here. Christ.