Zachary Lind

Zach Lind

Sending Resident

Life Story

I first sensed my need for Jesus when I became exhausted living for the approval of others. My first 20 years were spent building the kingdom of Zach. I was projecting a false image of having it all together, and it worked. I gained a lot of influence and had great success.

What made me most interested in Jesus was that Jesus gave my life eternal meaning, purpose and ultimate approval from God, the Creator of the universe. He loved the real me, not a false projection of perfection. I finally decided to trust Jesus and follow him when I realized that my time on earth wasn't meant to see how many people I can make like me, but to spend my life enjoying and exalting the Savior of the world.

Since I entered into a relationship with Jesus, I have changed from working for the approval of others to resting in the approval of God that is gifted to me on behalf of the perfect life, death and resurrection of Jesus who now watches me from heaven. I have changed from building my own kingdom which will one day be forgotten to pointing people toward the King of kings who reigns forever.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would be a community known by our love for one another, and, like Paul, would make it our ambition to get the gospel to places that don't have it.