Shelley Richards

Shelley Richards

Finance Manager

Life Story

I grew up in Paris, Texas. I accepted Christ when I was in the second grade. I remember sitting in the worship service and knowing in the deepest part of me that I needed Christ. I'd love to say I have followed Him closely since then, but there have been some lonely times when God allowed me to chase things that were no good for me. In 1982, I met the love of my life while I was working at a bank in Paris. We have three great kids: Allison, Ashley, and Andrew. God has opened and closed so many doors for us in our years together. Phil and I had some rocky times in our early years of marriage. But, when we both got to the end of ourselves and laid our problems before the Lord, that's when changes started taking place. You know, God knows our junk and is more than willing to lead us through it. We're the problem though; we have to stop trying to do things and fix things in our own power and give it ALL to Christ.

He has walked us through some really hard things that, at the time, seemed like nothing good could possibly be on the other side. But you know, God's way is always perfect. When I get still and look back at those hard times, and then look at the things I am walking in now, God's gentle guiding hand has always been there. Phil likes to say, "I like to think about where we were when...It only makes me love the Lord more and realize just how much He has brought us through and has provided at just the right time."

One thing I have learned, and it hasn't been an easy lesson, is He will not leave me. I can make things so hard for myself and feel so down and defeated, but God let's me stay there just long enough teach me something, and then He picks me up. God is good all the time.

Hope for The Village Church

I love this church! It is a place of freedom, a place of compassion, and a place with a real a heart for people. It has been a place for me that has broken down the walls of what I grew up believing church was and was suppose to look like. When those high walls start coming down, that's when freedom in Christ can be experienced. My hope for this place is that other people that have had those same walls built high would taste just a little bit of the love and the excitement that moves in this place. We sing a song here sometimes that says, "Open up my eyes to the things unseen. Show me how to love like You have loved me. Break my heart for what breaks Yours." Oh my, that's where my heart really wants to be and what my hope for this place is.