Lea Bennett

Lea Bennett

Finance Associate

Life Story

I grew up going to church but never really had a relationship with Christ. To me, church seemed to be a lot of people not having any problems as well as a checklist of moral behaviors. Toward the end of college—a time of much brokenness—I became a Christ follower but did not understand at the time that I had not completely surrendered my life to Him.

After college I moved to Houston, where I met my husband, Philip. After getting married, we moved to the DFW area. During this time, neither of us led a life sold out to the gospel. We were not regularly going to church and were not involved in biblical community. In 2000, we began visiting Highland Village First Baptist Church (before it became known as The Village). Shortly thereafter, the pastor left, and there was no pastor for a season. After a new pastor showed up, the Lord began to speak to me, but I was still hard of hearing.

In 2005, the Lord gave me ears to hear, although I found myself separated from my husband. Graciously, the Lord did not leave me there. He first reconciled me to Christ, began to show me what a relationship with Him looked like, and revealed how a gospel-centered life should look.

Through Christ, I was able to start seeing where my own heart and issues were before the Lord. He placed me in the center of biblical community and a church that was willing to walk alongside me during this difficult season. In His great mercy, the Lord blessed my husband and I with repentant hearts and restored our marriage. For more than a decade Philip and I served in the Recovery Groups ministry. We are also the parents of two sons.

Hope for The Village Church

I hope for hearts and lives to be transformed through the gospel of Christ and that we would honor God.