William Lindsey

Will Lindsey

Video Producer

Life Story

My story begins with me growing up in Houston, Texas and being raised in a Christian household, being a pastor’s kid, and even professing faith in Christ at a young age, but by no means was I born again. As far as I knew, as long as you put your faith in Jesus Christ, you were saved, according to what I was taught. 

But despite putting my “faith” in Jesus, I lived in a state of rebellion; never reading God’s Word, praying, or sharing the gospel, and not caring much about how I treated my neighbor. I was absolutely walking in the course of the world and not caring about the things of heaven. 

Furthermore, this was carried out more specifically when I joined the band in middle school and soon became obsessive about music in a very idolatrous way. My dream was to move to New York and become a professional jazz musician. Music was my god and what I lived for. 

However, as I eventually graduated from high school and was about to prepare for an audition for a private school in New York, I recall waking up one day and having completely new desires. I no longer had a desire to pursue music and the Lord started working in my heart in a steady way, drawing me to Himself.

From there, I started contemplating the intricate design of God’s creation, the importance and need for objective morality, the trustworthiness of Scripture, and the reliability of Christ. When my research was concluded by discovering that nearly all the Apostles died gruesome deaths for the sake of the gospel, I was humbled and wrecked beyond all doubt. God awakened me to the extremity of my depravity and I turned to Him in faith and repentance. I am saved and redeemed fully and completely by His merit and work alone.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope would be that The Village Church would be a holy community, irresistibly loving the lost, unshakably faithful to Christ, and joyfully delighted in the grace of God. And that we would be an epicenter of the great commission influencing all corners of the world 'til Christ returns.