Gavin Stoner

Gavin Stoner


Life Story

I grew up in a culturally Christian home In the suburbs of Dallas and San Antonio. I’m one of eight children, and my parents divorced in my early years of middle school. Desiring anything that would bring comfort and escape, I fell into drug and alcohol abuse. I ran from the Lord for a long time, even moving towns to flee Him and His people. Faithfully, He chased me down, and I was saved in the fall of 2017 thanks to the faithfulness of many people at The Village Church. My wife, Lainey, and I live in Lewisville and have been members of The Village for the last four years.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would be a people who are visibly and sometimes oddly overwhelmed by the goodness of our God, that He would be just as true and real to us as the air we breathe.