Ty Walls

Ty Walls

Video Producer

Life Story

I grew up in a Christian family with a brother close in age. Most things came easy to me, including sports, which were the main focus of my childhood and early adult life. From a young age, our family revolved around hockey as we traveled almost every weekend for games and tournaments.

After graduating high school, I left home in Flower Mound to go play junior hockey in New York, which brought new influences into my life that I hadn’t had before. I started going down a path of seeking fun and pleasure for myself with no concern for others. After my second year in New York, God met me in my blindness and opened my eyes to the direction I had been going. It was then that I fully surrendered to Jesus and was baptized. I decided to attend Bethel University, a private Christian college in Minnesota, to further grow in my faith while continuing to play hockey.

My freshman year brought great performance on the ice and very mediocre performance in the classroom. It also brought a brand new challenge in the form of undiagnosable health problems that abruptly ended my hockey career. The next few years were the most difficult, as I struggled with losing the hope that I had placed in my athleticism, while facing fears of worst case scenarios of my health. However, God was always faithful.

God replaced everything I felt I was losing with what I really needed: identity built upon His goodness, a community of strong Christian men to support me, and a purpose greater than myself. I also found myself with a lot more free time and began to pursue different passions of mine, among them videography and photography. One thing led to another, and now I have been blessed with the opportunity to use my passion to further the mission of God’s kingdom. Anytime I struggle with what my future looks like, I can look back and see how God has always been faithful.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that each person would know the unconditional love of God and that we are always a church for the broken and hurting.