Walk With You

  |   Mar 30, 2018


Our sovereign King gave a dream to Martin Luther King Jr.
A concept so beautiful hard to belive it could be true
But that dream was just a glimpse, like a flicker in the night
From the northern star pointing to where the freedom is
This dream it spoke of revelations of a nation
That no longer operated under a hierarchy of different races
Justice, unity, equality were realized
Like you could see it with your real eyes
Wake up! We’re so far from that in real life
And right now you and I are in this real fight
There is work to be done, starting with the household of faith
Created, saved to lead the way, to hesitate would be a grave mistake
(I’m sayin')

Broken mirrors give us all a false perception
Broken systems teaches us all false lessons
And the evil one so crafty in all of his deception
To keep us divided is to keep all of his lies protected
So you can’t see that your treated as superior
While I’m left fighting off the lie that I’m inferior
We’re the precious children born into this world where lies are taught as truth
Father, we need our minds to be renewed by You
Cause it's a daily fight to remind myself that I am worthy
When microaggressions lie behind every other corner lurking
We been hurting for a long time, weary souls
Why’s it seem like my brothers in Christ can’t understand it though?
(I don’t know)

Oh Lord
I didn’t know what I didn’t know
Looking through my own eyes
But now I know what I didn’t know
Help me see
Help me see through your eyes

I will walk with you no matter what it takes
Keep in step with truth by the gospel of grace

Our God is a God of justice on the cross that was displayed
If we live for just us, we don’t do justice to His name
It’s like a shoulder shrug at our debt that Christ already paid
Like saying Lord we’ll keep the comfort and you can keep the change
But imagine every tribe and tongue singing God how great thou art
Then I look at my sister and say God how great is thou art
And she can look at me and proclaim the same
Because we've learned to stop comparing and start celebrating
That we're all His workmanship created for amazing things
Distinctly different on purpose, equally made in the Imago Dei
We won’t be perfect 'til He returns to make it right
But how we steward what He's given us, thats up to you and I
(let’s walk)