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Unique yet Part of the Whole

| Oct 23, 2011

Right after Highland Village First Baptist hired me to be the pastor, we had this handing off ceremony. What I mean by that is, on a Wednesday nigh...

A Shadow of Significant Realities

| Oct 16, 2011

Now I’ve tried to keep a steady pressure on since the middle of August on this idea of the supremacy of God in all things, the size and scope...

God Saves

| Oct 9, 2011

I’ll say up front that today will be difficult for some of you, but my promise to you and before the Lord has always been that I want to prea...

Gospel-Centered Multiplication

| Sep 25, 2011

Before we hear the Word of God and meditate on it together tonight, I would really like to take the first 5 to 10 minutes here and pray for a parti...

Gospel-Centered Service

| Sep 18, 2011

We are in week six of this series, but a sub-series within this series has been this idea of family traits. So what we’ve done is said, &ldqu...

Gospel-Centered Community

| Sep 11, 2011

For the last four weeks, we’ve been saying, “This is what God is doing. God is about His glory. God’s about the praise of His glo...

Gospel-Centered Worship

| Sep 4, 2011

If you knew Lauren and me and but have not met our children, it would not take you long to figure out which ones were ours out of a crowd. There ar...

The Mission of The Village Church

| Aug 28, 2011

Two weeks ago, we started on a new series. What I wanted us to do was kind of boil everything down into simple pieces and answer these questions. W...

The Mission of the Church

| Aug 21, 2011

Before we get started, I need to chat a little bit about what we talked about last week. I don’t usually weave sermons together in such a way...

The Mission of God

| Aug 14, 2011

Right before the 11:15 service last weekend, Josh Patterson came into my little room back here and said, “Hey, when service is over, don&rsqu...