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Unearthed: He Empowers

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Unearthed: Deep Peace

| Nov 15, 2021

Much of what frustrates our lives today is driven out when we live as the people God made us to be, with the people God gave us to love.

Unearthed: Hidden Value

| Nov 1, 2021

The Creator of the universe has invested in each of us for our joy and His glory. Discovering and living into that investment provides us with wh...

Unearthed: One Another

| Oct 25, 2021

Our lives are interwoven with others, and we need each other. Our varying purposes shape a community of faith where people are cheered on to live...

Unearthed: Revealed

| Oct 17, 2021

God forms us into who we are through our gifts and by the triumphs and tragedies that make up our stories. Unearthing these things reveals His go...

Unearthed: Buried

| Oct 12, 2021

God has prepared specific opportunities for us to step into, but words and wounds can bury our potential and keep us from realizing them.

Unearthed: Who We Are

| Oct 4, 2021

We all share a general identity as children of God and heirs of His promise, but what does it look like to step into our specific identities? Who...

Unearthed: His Workmanship

| Sep 27, 2021

We are God’s workmanship; each of us is formed by His hand, with His people, and for His glory. God calls us to Himself for a specific purpose.