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The Compassionate Father and His Two Sons

The Parables -

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The Rich Fool

| Oct 23, 2022

While Jesus is not indifferent to matters of justice, the matter at hand was one of greed. Before telling this parable a man demanded that Jesus te...

The Persistent Widow

| Oct 16, 2022

Jesus says to pray and not lose heart. In Luke 18, He tells the story of a woman in desperate need of justice. Her “bothersome” persistence convinc...

The Growing Seed

| Oct 9, 2022

The parable of the growing seed is a concise story of a profound truth. The farmer sows the seed yet knows not how it grows. He can only see the su...

The Good Samaritan

| Oct 3, 2022

The parable of the Good Samaritan is one of Jesus’ greatest parables, asking and answering the question, “Who is your neighbor?”. Trevor Joy shared...

The Friend at Midnight

| Sep 26, 2022

The friend at midnight is a “lesser to greater” parable, in that it shows us if we as humans respond in love to our friend’s untimely requests, the...

The Two Builders

| Sep 19, 2022

The parable of the two builders is a comparison of wisdom and foolishness. Both builders heard the words of Jesus, but only one put them into actio...

The Sower

| Sep 11, 2022

Beginning the Parables series, Mason King called the Parables prophetic instruments designed to disrupt our thinking and invite us to rethink our r...