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Final Battle

| Apr 26, 2021

A meal is shared, a millennium unfolds, and Death is defeated forever.


| Apr 19, 2021

A mysterious woman appears, but her true nature is revealed and her downfall is assured.

Seven Bowls

| Apr 12, 2021

John catches another glimpse at the throne before the wrath of God is poured out on the earth.

Army of the Lamb

| Mar 29, 2021

The Lamb stands with His army of saints as the harvest of earth is reaped.

Earthly Battle

| Mar 22, 2021

A false Trinity attempts to mimic holy God but falls short of His glory. The saints are called to endure.

Cosmic Battle

| Mar 15, 2021

The unseen war behind all wars is won as the sower of deceit is thrown from heaven. A desperate and defeated Enemy turns his attention to the peo...

Seven Trumpets

| Mar 8, 2021

Idols which were once revered on earth turn to destroy their worshipers as God enacts His justice. John receives a bittersweet message of judgmen...

Seven Seals

| Mar 2, 2021

The ultimate meaning of history is revealed as John witnesses the Lamb open the scroll. Mystery moves toward fulfilment.

Centering Worship

| Feb 22, 2021

With the churches addressed, John’s gaze turns toward God on His throne, a majestic sight that demands surrender and submission.

Victory in Doubt

| Feb 18, 2021

John pens the words of Jesus directed at seven specific churches, the theme of each a constant call to faithfulness.


| Feb 8, 2021

The book of Revelation—John’s letter to the churches of Asia Minor—is full of prophecy, poetry, and promise. Despite the mystery that surrounds i...