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Resurrection Hope -

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Change Your Perspective

| Apr 4, 2022

Believers should not be surprised by suffering but should instead rejoice in future hope, remember why we suffer, and rely on our faithful and sov...

Plant Trees and Pay Taxes

| Mar 28, 2022

Christian hope is an active mindset that works to restore true humanity, is lived in dependence upon God, and compels us to a faithful presence.

What We’ll Face

| Mar 21, 2022

The people of God endure suffering with the hope of final victory as the inheritance of Christ pulls them ever forward.

Sanctified Together

| Mar 16, 2022

Christian relationships are to be marked by mutual submission in light of the gospel.

The Suffering Servant

| Mar 7, 2022

When we bear unjust wounds without sinning in our speech, we display Christ to a watching world.

Submission as Witness

| Feb 28, 2022

Christians are to graciously submit to authority for the Lord’s sake, as keeping honorable conduct shouts the gospel even when we are silenced.

Holy Living

| Feb 21, 2022

We have been chosen and redeemed by the grace of God to live holy lives with one another as witnesses to a broken world.

A Gospel Call

| Feb 14, 2022

The people of God stand in grace as the gospel calls them to both action and love.

Hope and Glory

| Feb 7, 2022

Peter’s first letter calls its readers to a living hope while encouraging them to steward their suffering and orient their lives around future gl...