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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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The Complementary Roles of Men & Women

| Nov 5, 2017

[Video] Nikki Lawrence: My name is Nikki, and I serve as a deacon at the Flower Mound Campus. I've been at The Village for six years. Our pa...

The Inerrancy of Scripture

| Oct 30, 2017

Good morning! If you have a Bible, I'd encourage you to open it to 1 Peter, chapter 1. My name is JT English. I'm one of the pastors here. ...

The Divine Sovereignty of God

| Oct 22, 2017

Lavished Upon Us If you have your Bibles, why don't you grab those? We're going to be in Romans, chapter 8. Last weekend, ou...

Believer's Baptism by Immersion

| Oct 15, 2017

Good morning, church. How are we? Good? That good? All right! Thirty-six new babies. How incredible is that? Yeah, amen! That's awesome! Think ...

Campus Transitions - Flower Mound

| Oct 1, 2017

Good morning. It's good to see you. If you missed last week, we made a massive announcement in regard to the direction of The Village Church. I...

Campus Transitions - Southlake

| Sep 30, 2017

Campus Transitions - Fort Worth

| Sep 30, 2017


| Sep 25, 2017

[Video] Nathan: My name is Nathan, and I live and work in Romania as a missionary. About a year and a half into our marriage, my wife and I hear...

A Healthy Disciple

| Aug 28, 2017

Believing Jesus Is Following Him   Good morning! I want to take a couple of moments right off the top of our service to spen...

The Glory of God

| Aug 21, 2017

Good morning! It's good to see you. If you have your Bibles, go ahead and grab those. We're going to be in Psalm 24. In fact, we'll cam...

Marked by God

| Aug 13, 2017

Good morning. It's good to see you. For all of our campuses, welcome back. We've been off this summer, and everybody has been doing their o...