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Freedom from Shame

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He Knows Your Name

| Oct 5, 2020

We are able to stand firm in the mercy and presence of Jesus because He knows our names.

Fulfilled and Finished

| Sep 28, 2020

As He died on the cross, Christ fulfilled the promises of God and finished His atoning work once and for all.

That They May Be One

| Sep 21, 2020

In the High Priestly Prayer, Jesus asks the Father to bring unity to those who would believe in Him.

To Your Advantage

| Sep 14, 2020

The Holy Spirit is sent by the Son to do the necessary work of revealing to the Church what is wrong, what is right, and who has already won the b...

Truth in Trial

| Sep 9, 2020

Christ prepares His people for life in Him by rehearsing the truth in the midst of struggle and inviting us to see the Father.

The Power of the Resurrection

| Aug 31, 2020

When we recognize Jesus as the resurrection and the life, we can join the refrain of Scripture that finds Him to be better than anything else.

The Only Door

| Aug 25, 2020

There are many things in our world that claim to have what we're looking for, but only Jesus can offer true, lasting salvation.

A Home in Jesus

| Aug 17, 2020

In John 7, Jesus gives His followers a stunning invitation: of life, of freedom, and the promise of an eternal home.

The Purpose of the Book

| Aug 10, 2020

In chapter 20 of the Gospel of John, the author lays his cards on the table and explicitly states why he has written: that we may believe that Jes...

Different King, Different Kingdom - Southlake

| Apr 16, 2020

In Christ's Hands, In the Father's Hands

| May 28, 2019

That Which Satisfies

| Mar 3, 2019

The Promise Fulfilled

| Feb 17, 2019

That You May Marvel

| Feb 10, 2019

Equal With God

| Feb 3, 2019

Wounded Healer

| Nov 25, 2018

The Wound and the Worry

| Nov 18, 2018

Our Place and Message

| Nov 11, 2018

A Love That Gives and Sends

| Nov 4, 2018

Born of the Spirit

| Oct 28, 2018

An Inadequate Faith

| Oct 14, 2018

The Temple, Spiritual Consumerism and Jesus

| Oct 7, 2018

New Wine

| Sep 30, 2018

Called to Follow

| Sep 23, 2018

Behold the Lamb

| Sep 16, 2018

The Word and the Witness

| Sep 9, 2018

The Word and the Witness   How are we doing this morning? Are we good? Good. It's so good to see you guys. My name is JT...

Grace Upon Grace

| Sep 2, 2018

Grace Upon Grace   If you have your Bibles, go ahead and grab those. We'll be in John, chapter 1. We'll finish today...

God-Given Belief

| Aug 26, 2018

Through the Word

| Aug 19, 2018

Good morning. It's good to see you. If you have your Bibles, go ahead and grab those. We're going to be in John 1. While you're turning...