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Awake to Each Other

Awake & Alive -

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Awake to the Miraculous

| Mar 28, 2023

Many of us celebrate the miraculous things of our faith—the virgin birth, the exorcism of demons, the healing of the sick and lame—but live as if n...

Awake to Generosity

| Mar 19, 2023

God provides the seed and the bread, and promises righteousness for those who give cheerfully to the advancement of His kingdom. To be a cheerful g...

Awake to Presence and Power

| Mar 12, 2023

At opposite ends of the wisdom literature stand Job and Solomon. Job loses everything and finds God’s presence is more than enough. Solomon gains e...

Awake to Reality

| Mar 5, 2023

We rarely expect our modern world to look like the world of the Bible. We erase the unseen and supernatural with information and human innovation. ...

Awake to Beauty and Goodness

| Feb 26, 2023

Nothing calls for and retains our attention like anger and fear. Online algorithms serve us content that keeps rage levels high, anxieties buzzing,...

Awake to Truth

| Feb 21, 2023

A flourishing human by today’s standard is one who defines a moral universe for themself, basing truth on their inmost desires. Yet our desires can...

Awake to Courage

| Feb 12, 2023

We have been justified once and for all, and are being sanctified over time. Yet, often we confuse our justification with our sanctification and ca...

Awake to the Gospel

| Feb 5, 2023

Having begun their relationship with Christ by a work of the Spirit, the Galatian believers turned to their own works in hopes of perfection. Paul ...

Wide Awake

| Jan 29, 2023

The gospel had radically transformed the city of Ephesus 15 years prior, but Paul is concerned that the believers’ are again being lulled into slee...