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The Advent of Christ

Advent 2023 -

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The Advent of Joy

| Dec 17, 2023

Happiness and joy are not the same. Happiness can be snatched away in a moment, but joy has a resilience that withstands the hurt and disappointmen...

The Advent of Love

The Village Church | Dec 12, 2023

We pray for the things that we love. The night Jesus was arrested, He prayed to the Father for His disciples in front of Him, and those who would c...

The Advent of Peace

| Dec 3, 2023

We find in the reign of Christ a limitless expansion of His influence and the establishment of peace with no end. In Him, we receive wonderful coun...

The Advent of Hope

| Nov 26, 2023

Christmas as a commercial holiday always overpromises and under-delivers, leaving us unfulfilled. But Christmas remembered as the mercy of God send...