#56 – Season 5 Halftime Review Show!

The Village Church | Oct 25, 2021

Matt and Julie play a special game to help them remember and review the first five Fruit of the Spirit we've learned ...

#55 – Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

The Village Church | Oct 18, 2021

Matt and Julie hop in the time machine to travel back in time to meet an inn keeper who helps them learn about the st...

#54 – Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

The Village Church | Oct 11, 2021

Matt and Julie are joined by their friend the Gardener the continue learning about the Fruit of the Spirit. On this e...

#53 - Fruit of the Spirit: Peace

The Village Church | Oct 4, 2021

On this episode of God’s Big Story, Matt and Julie’s friend the Historian joins them to help them learn about peace! ...

#52 - Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

The Village Church | Sep 27, 2021

Next up as we learn about the fruit of the Spirit is JOY! Join Matt and Julie as they learn all about what it means t...

#51 - Fruit of the Spirit: Love

The Village Church | Sep 20, 2021

#50 - Season 5 Kick-Off!

The Village Church | Sep 13, 2021

Join Matt and Julie as they get ready for season 5 of God's Big Story! Tune in today to hear a short recap of everyth...

Season 5 Trailer

The Village Church | Sep 12, 2021

Join us for season 5 as we learn about the Fruit of the Spirit.

#49 - Season 4 Wrap Up & Review

The Village Church | May 3, 2021

On the last episode of season 4, Julie and Matt review what we learned about the Old Testament this season, talk to s...

#48 - God Sends the Prophets

The Village Church | Apr 26, 2021

Marissa the Meteorologist joins Matt and Julie to learn about a special group of people from the Bible—God's prophets!

#47 - God Uses Jonah

The Village Church | Apr 20, 2021

Guy the Zookeeper is back as we learn about the story of how God used Jonah to save lots of people, even when Jonah d...

#46 - God Saves Daniel

The Village Kids | Apr 12, 2021

Guy the Zookeeper joins Matt and Julie to learn all about lions and the time God saved Daniel!