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"Hamilton," Ambition and Death

Kyle Worley | Mar 27, 2018

A life with legacy is not one where every ambition was satisfied, but one spent in the name of something greater, a g...


Ending the Game of Thrones Wars

David Roark | Aug 22, 2017

Christians have debated the HBO series Game of Thrones since it began in 2011. What is the deeper issue at work in th...


Fantastic Storytelling

Sean Kelly | Jul 25, 2017

The Bible is one grand, true story about God. As people made in His image, we’re drawn to stories of all kinds. They ...


No Place for Sound and Fury?

Jared Musgrove | Apr 6, 2016

There is the inevitable misunderstanding and impasse which, in enduring drama, always leads to a duel. This time-hono...


Gluttony in a Digital Age

Kyle Worley | Mar 15, 2016

With the accessibility of digital media comes the tendency to become so involved with a storyline that we lose track ...


What Makes a Movie Excellent?

David Roark | Feb 23, 2016

All art has a worldview and agenda that drives it. Not every film exists to make a point, but every film inevitably d...


Evil, Justice and Making a Murderer

Kyle Worley | Jan 19, 2016

Stories like the one told in Making a Murderer are captivating because they scratch at the kinds of questions that li...


Taking the Gospel to the Movies

David Roark | Dec 8, 2015

The goal is for Christians to redeem film by using it as a means to point culture toward Christ—the Author of all tha...


Our Heroes, Ourselves

Jared Musgrove | Jul 14, 2015

Who are your heroes? Who are the people you want most to emulate? Who do you want to be most like? Why them? This ser...


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Why Christians Should Be Readers

Karen Swallow Prior | Jan 9, 2017

Christianity is a religion of the word—the written word and the spoken word. As believers, we have a special relation...