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A Division Destroyed

Kyle Worley | Aug 3, 2014

The Colossians series looks at the person of Jesus Christ and who He is. Covering the history of Rome and how it was ...


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"Hamilton," Ambition and Death

Kyle Worley | Mar 27, 2018

A life with legacy is not one where every ambition was satisfied, but one spent in the name of something greater, a g...


An Unfading Brightness

Kyle Worley | Jan 10, 2018

The season of Epiphany calls us to remember when God revealed His redemptive plan through the person and work of Jesu...


Protesting as an Argument for the Existence of God

Kyle Worley | Apr 26, 2017

In the midst of a "post-truth" culture, how do we determine what is true and what is false objectively and absolutely...


Re-Storied at Mount Sinai

Kyle Worley | Feb 14, 2017

In Exodus 19, the Israelites arrive at Mount Sinai. Using Moses as His mediator, God reminds His people who they are,...


Politics Beyond the Presidential Election

Kyle Worley | Oct 18, 2016

For active citizens, there is nothing more maddening and frustrating than the presidential election because many of u...


Is Your Righteousness Really Like Filthy Rags?

Kyle Worley | Jul 26, 2016

As I turned to a buddy on the flight home, I began to rejoice in what we had seen and praise God for giving us the bo...


Gluttony in a Digital Age

Kyle Worley | Mar 15, 2016

With the accessibility of digital media comes the tendency to become so involved with a storyline that we lose track ...


Evil, Justice and Making a Murderer

Kyle Worley | Jan 19, 2016

Stories like the one told in Making a Murderer are captivating because they scratch at the kinds of questions that li...


Pastors Are People

Kyle Worley | Dec 1, 2015


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5 Solas: Faith Alone

Kyle Worley | Oct 13, 2017

Sola fide, “faith alone,” is one of the five theological principles of the Reformation. Faith is a gift of God ...


How Laws Altered the Israelites’ Lives

Kyle Worley | Mar 9, 2017

“Liturgy” means “work of the people” and encompasses all of life—everything was to center around God. As ...


What God’s Covenant With the Israelites Signifies

Kyle Worley | Feb 27, 2017

The covenant God makes with Moses is rooted in the covenant He made with Abraham and involves three pieces: dwelling,...


Why Is Mount Sinai Significant?

Kyle Worley | Feb 21, 2017

In Exodus 19, God speaks to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai. He tells them that if they obey Him and keep His...


What is the Meaning of God's Name Yahweh?

Kyle Worley | Oct 1, 2016

In Exodus 3, God reveals His name to Moses. We discuss how the name Yahweh expresses the nature and character of God,...