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Cheap Grace and the Costly Grace of Lent

David Roark | Mar 5, 2019

The season of Lent helps the people of God learn to live not by cheap grace, but by what Dietrich Bonhoeffer called “...


The Magi and the Gift of Diversity

David Roark | Feb 5, 2019

Most people associate the story of the Magi with Advent and Christmas, but it’s actually a key narrative in the seaso...


Faithfully Using Social Media

David Roark | Oct 10, 2018

There are lots of pros and cons of social media. As Christians, we ought to be aware of those as we make sure we use ...


Complexity and Consistency: a Christian Response to Social Issues

David Roark | Jul 17, 2018

Christians should understand both the complexity of solving social issues of our day like abortion, gun control, raci...


The Resurrection Compels Us to Do Better Work

David Roark | Apr 10, 2018

We often miss the implications of the Resurrection on our everyday lives—specifically in the work we do. But in light...


America, Babylon and Pledging Allegiance to the Kingdom of God

David Roark | Mar 22, 2018

While we can be patriotic and grateful to live in this country, our ultimate allegiance can only be to one kingdom, n...


Five Observations on Pop Culture in 2017

David Roark | Jan 30, 2018

We make five observations from pop culture in 2017 and discuss how seeing them through the lens of the gospel means a...


A Christmas Lament

David Roark | Dec 20, 2017

Christmas is a time for celebration, but Advent is a time of waiting and longing. It’s okay to lament all that is wro...


Admitting Is the First Step to Racial Harmony

David Roark | Sep 7, 2017

In the wake of Charlottesville and all the other hate crimes and racial injustices that continue to plague our nation...