Fictional Heroes and the Reality of Jesus

Dylan LeBeau | Apr 24, 2019

We must resist the temptation to view Jesus the way we view superheroes: fictional characters to be emulated that ult...

Holy Week: Sunday - He Is Risen

Mason King | Apr 21, 2019

It's Sunday and Mary is desperate to visit Jesus' tomb, but finds it empty. After she encounters the Risen Lord, she ...

Holy Week: Saturday - A Missing King

Mason King | Apr 20, 2019

Saturday of Holy Week brings silence, pain and confusion for Jesus' disciples as they wonder where their King has gone.

Holy Week: Friday - It Is Finished

Mason King | Apr 19, 2019

It's Friday of Holy Week—what we call Good Friday. Jesus is tried, sentenced to death and brutally crucified for the ...

Holy Week: Thursday - One Last Meal

Mason King | Apr 18, 2019

Thursday means Passover. Jesus and His friends partake in this meal together for the last time before heading to the ...

Holy Week: Wednesday - A Strange Silence

Mason King | Apr 17, 2019

Wednesday of Holy Week is eerily quiet compared to the previous days. Jesus continues to teach in the temple as relig...

Holy Week: Tuesday - Impossible to Ignore

Mason King | Apr 16, 2019

It's Tuesday of Holy Week. Jesus is back in the Temple and the religious leaders—unable to ignore Him—are attempting ...

Holy Week: Monday - Turning Tables

Mason King | Apr 15, 2019

It’s Monday of Holy Week. Jesus, full of righteous anger, is flipping over temple tables and getting the attention of...

Holy Week: Sunday - The King Comes to Town

Mason King | Apr 14, 2019

Imagine what it might have been like to be in Jerusalem during Jesus’ final week. We begin on Palm Sunday—the King ha...

Will I Always Get the Desires of My Heart?

Oghosa Iyamu | Apr 9, 2019

Psalm 37:3–4 shows us that when we trust in the Lord and dwell with Him, the desires of our hearts are sure to follow.

Sinful Things to Say in Conflict

Lore Ferguson Wilbert | Apr 3, 2019

Our theology is on display in moments of conflict, so it’s important that we not respond to those who may have hurt u...

The Lost Art of Lament

Ryane Williamson | Mar 26, 2019

When we lose the ability to lament, we lose an opportunity to share with our God the things of this world that are br...