The Garcías’ Story

The Lord guided E. and K. to the same seminary where they met in Barcelona in 2010. K. was serving as the Residency Coordinator while E. was finishing his degree in theology. After six weeks of dating, they got engaged and were married five months later in Texas. They then served for four years with an Acts 29 church just outside Barcelona. The last few years, they have served with local churches and church plant teams, using their gifts of discipleship, evangelism, and teaching.

K. serves as a Care Coach for the 100 UPG Goers that serve in unreached places of the globe. She also lends ministry support to the other organizations in the Intl. Field Office. E. serves with the Intl. Field Office to provide care and teaching for the Spanish-speaking goers through Coalición 21, which is operating in parallel with the 100 UPG, mobilizing Spanish speakers to unreached areas. E. and K. both serve with a church plant team in Barcelona.

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About Spain

The country of Spain is a little smaller than the state of Texas. Spain is a challenging place to share the gospel. It is a post-Catholic country that is overwhelmingly secular. Of 8,112 municipalities, only around 650 have an evangelical church. The Garcías live in a working-class neighborhood with a high immigrant population from countries that mainly speak Arabic and Urdu.