Church Planter -

Larry Thompson has been installed as lead pastor of Woodcrest Baptist Church in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Please pray for Larry and his wife, Cathy, as they work to revitalize the church.

Larry has been married to his wife, Cathy, for over 45 years. With their children grown and a 30-year career as a commercial pilot behind him, Larry felt the call of the Holy Spirit on his life to help revitalize a church in a rural area.

Though they weren’t expecting to leave Texas, God eventually led Larry and Cathy to a church in need of a pastor in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Larry hopes that Woodcrest Baptist Church will make Jesus non-ignorable in Logan County and to the ends of the earth as they carry out their mission of glorifying God by making joyful, passionate disciples.

Larry was installed as lead pastor of Woodcrest Baptist Church on January 2, 2022.

Visit Woodcrest Baptist Church’s website for more information.