in Homes

While we long for the day when we can all worship in the same place, we recognize that it won’t be possible for some time. Logistical limitations and health concerns call for us to adapt and look for a different way to worship. And though this practice is different from what we’re used to, it’s not new at all.

The Church started in homes. For hundreds of years, believers would gather where they lived to worship Jesus together. Now, we look to continue that practice by equipping our members to open their homes and create sacred space centered around our livestreamed service. Church in Homes invites you to gather with other believers in your neighborhood to participate in a personal,
time-tested worship experience.

While they share some DNA, Church in Homes is distinct from Home Groups and exists as a worship gathering strategy of TVC. Church in Homes meets in neighborhoods throughout the area and is centered around the weekly livestreamed service for those who are unable to attend on campus for whatever reason.
Home Groups, on the other hand, are a discipleship strategy of TVC that focus on practicing what is preached each week and following the “one another” commands of Scripture. Despite this distinction, there may be some overlap between the two, and that’s okay.
You can expect a regular time each week to gather in a home near you to worship through singing, engaging with the sermon, taking communion, and discussing with one another the questions from the teaching. Please be considerate of one another and be gracious in wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining physical distance.
We want children to join in! Many of the ways in which we encourage Home Groups to include children would apply directly to Church in Homes. Check out this video for some helpful guidance.
We love you, but please stay home! If you or someone in your household is exhibiting symptoms, we ask that you do not attend Church in Homes. In addition, if you or someone you’ve been in close contact with has tested positive for COVID-19, please do not attend Church in Homes for 14 days following your most recent interaction with them.
No. If you sign up to open your home to others, we will work to personally connect you with attendees. Your address will not be posted publicly.