Sarah Long

Missions and Groups Minister

Life Story

My story, like many others, begins with a vigorous pursuit to fill a void. Growing up in Houston, Texas, I felt a constant wave of unworthiness. I longed to fit in and sought an identity in anything I was praised for. I was not raised in a gospel-saturated home, nor did I encounter many people who were transformed by the gospel of Jesus. I could see the Christian culture around me, but I had never heard the gospel. If I did hear it, I was deaf to it. Nothing in my life was ever satisfying.

In 2004, I moved to Denton, Texas, for college. It was here that I sought comfort in all the pleasures of this world, trying desperately to numb the pain of dissatisfaction. It was here that my rebellion against our Creator hit its peak, and I fell hard and fast. The Lord radically halted my rebellion and made Himself known to me on Father’s Day 2007. I was 21 years old. The next week, I stumbled into The Village Church. In 2009, I was baptized and became a Covenant Member. The void that was so eminent prior to my salvation has been freely filled by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, therefore, may my life story be living proof that no one is beyond redemption.

In May 2009, I married the greatest man on earth, Ben. Three months later, we moved to the Middle East to teach, attend graduate school and talk about Jesus. Our time spent overseas was humbling, and I believe the Lord used it to beautifully teach me about His great love for His image bearers. We moved back to Texas in 2012. Shortly after, the Lord entrusted us with our son, Beauden, and our daughter, Norah. We enjoy the time we get to spend trying to break down barriers by engaging the Muslim and refugee community with the love of Jesus Christ. The Lord continues to teach us what it looks like to sacrificially follow Jesus and to strive to be ministers of reconciliation as peacemakers.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that, driven by the gospel of Jesus Christ, we would be a people who seek the peace of our cities, desiring the hopeless to have hope, showing mercy to those where mercy is least expected and longing for Jesus to be known. I pray that we would be a people proclaiming and applying the gospel of Jesus Christ to all aspects of life. And I hope that we would not go one day without living out the teachings of Jesus in this world.

Central Office

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