Kent Rabalais

Kent Rabalais

Executive Director, Leadership, Worship, & Production

Life Story

I grew up attending church with my mom and grandparents on Sundays. I learned about Jesus, but the gospel never took root in my heart. I remember thinking that I needed to be better, love the poor and seek justice, which I could never fully do.

In high school I started going down a path of self-pity and depression until a new group of friends mercifully came into my life. They invited me to a worship service their church was hosting on September 19, 1995. That night, God rescued my heart, and I came to know Him in a personal way. Although my sanctification has taken many twists and turns since then, He has been faithful to His promises. He continues to draw me closer to Him in astounding ways.

I’ve been attending The Village since 2006 and have been overwhelmed with how God has changed my entire being through grace, truth and love. I'm blessed to have a beautiful, amazing wife named Kristen and three wonderful children — Drew, Jace and Lauren.

My entire professional career has been spent in the creative communications industry as a writer, producer and creative director. From the first moment I sat in a darkened theater and saw the flickering lights of a projector illuminate new worlds, I’ve been mesmerized by the power of storytelling. Despite times where I distorted the passion God gave me for the creative field, He has been faithful to redeem my wayward heart and show me how to worship Him rightly through the gifts He has given me and others.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is to see lives transformed by the gospel. It's not the numbers that ultimately matter, although the saints and angels rejoice when many come to know Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It's faithfully proclaiming the gospel second by second, hour by hour, day by day, and on it goes until we die or the Lord returns. It's developing disciples and not just stopping with a conversion. It's seeing sinners like me come to salvation and then guiding them back to the gospel every day.