Residency Program

Equipped to lead

You don’t have to go outside the church to learn how to lead within the church. We believe it is the responsibility of the local church to train and equip the next generation of gospel-centered leaders. The Residency Program desires to create disciples who don’t just know theology, but lead out in it within the life of the local church. Whether that means becoming an elder or deacon or leading in a specific ministry, our one-year Residency Program will prepare men and women for leadership in multiple capacities. In order to accomplish this, the Residency Program will be comprised of two tracks.

Ministry Residency

The ministry track equips men and women who perceive a calling to vocational or lay leadership within the context of the local church. Whether exploring church planting, executive leadership, ministering or eldership, ministry residents receive equipping for service in the local church at a every level. 

Marketplace Residency

The marketplace track equips men and women to lead faithfully in whatever professional context God has placed them. It trains participants both in cultural engagement and in ways to understand and support one another in creating culture. Marketplace residents learn to create to the glory of God and to pursue what is true, beautiful and good for the benefit of their professions and their spheres of influence. 

Expectations & Prerequisites

Components of the Residency Program include mentorship, reading, written assignments, participating in group discussions, attending colloquiums, active service in the church and more.

A prerequisite to entrance into the Residency Program is participation in and completion of the Training Program; however, exceptions may be made for men and women who already hold credentials in the spheres of biblical, theological and spiritual formation.

The Residency Program lasts one year, August–May, and meets from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m., Sundays, at the Flower Mound campus.

Monthly Rhythm of the Residency:

  • Week 1 – All Residents
  • Week 2 – Cohort Meeting
  • Week 3 – Track-Specific Meeting
  • Week 4 – Bible/Theology Meeting


If you have completed the Training Program, you may apply for the Residency Program. The cost of the program is $500. Applications open at 9 a.m., Wednesday, April 3 and are due by 5 p.m., Wednesday, May 1.


The Residency Program is a part of The Village Church Institute, which desires to make whole disciples who worship, serve, belong and multiply. The Institute trains and grows disciples through classes, forums, the Training Program and the Residency Program.

Learn God’s story through His Word.

In order to understand who God is, you become more familiar with the Bible and what He has done to reconcile the world to Himself in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Know how that story informs your beliefs.

As you learn more about God through His Word, you also think through major biblical doctrines and how, as a result, your beliefs are shaped by them.

Apply those beliefs to every sphere of your life.

With biblical knowledge and rightly rooted beliefs, you live out God’s story in your day-to-day, becoming a more whole disciple of Jesus Christ.

Training Program

Have you completed the Training Program yet? It’s a prerequisite for the Residency Program, so we encourage you to check it out first.

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