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Preparing for the Nehemiah Series

Author: Matt Chandler Category: General

Life in DFW can simultaneously be a blessing and a curse. We are blessed to raise our families in communities that are relatively safe. We are cursed because our neighborhoods sometime resemble insulated cocoons where we don’t visibly see enough of the world’s brokenness.

This coming weekend we will begin studying the book of Nehemiah, and in preparing for it over the last few months, my prayer and deep hope has been that we will be awakened to our hurting world. Get ready because Nehemiah is going to challenge our comfort and complacency.

In DFW we take pride in our comfort and extravagance. Not only are things bigger in Texas, but we think they’re better, right? I pray deeply that Nehemiah will call us out of that consolation and into empathy and action toward the broken world around us.

I encourage you to start reading the book now in preparation for the series. There will be two or three special services, such as a Celebration Weekend and Easter, in the months ahead, but other than that, we will stay in Nehemiah and wrap up sometime in mid-April.

Throughout the study, I’ll be on The City asking you how the Lord is speaking to you. I want to hear from you. We’ve also created a study guide for our Home Groups, to help us dive deeper into this book.

As we walk through this series, I want to call out a few themes that we need to focus on throughout the weeks ahead:

  • A greater empathy toward brokenness
  • The reality of opposition
  • God’s call of action on our lives
  • God’s power to restore broken lives
  • The need for us to pray in all that we do
  • The importance of God’s Word

I have been praying earnestly that the Holy Spirit would use this book to call us into greater compassion and action. Please join me in that prayer. Revealing Christ and the gospel in an Old Testament book like Nehemiah is both challenging and life-giving to me. I am excited about listening to God and His message for us during this study.

We are a blessed people with time, talents and opportunities. I pray that we would better understand the influence we can have on the world around us to make His kingdom more visible. I can’t wait to get started this coming weekend. I hope to see you there.

Note: If you are interested in using the Nehemiah study guide in your church, please email us.