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A Command or an Explanation?

Author: Hunter HallCategory: General, Theology

Does the Bible teach that all believers should speak in tongues? Does it dictate Home Groups as the ideal model for churches? Finding answers to interpretive questions like these requires that we understand the difference between prescriptive and descriptive texts— between texts that are prescribing or commanding a certain action and those that are simply describing historical facts or events.

Why a New Logo?

Author: David RoarkCategory: General

As a church, we historically haven’t used terms like “branding” because, well, they feel a bit corporate-esque, as if we’re trying to sell something. I mean, we’re a church. Our mission is to make disciples—not to sell a product.

Should Christians Take Medication for Depression and Anxiety?

Author: Geoff AshleyCategory: General

Quite a bit of my senior year in high school is now a blur. Struggling with suicidal thoughts for most of high school, my parents finally prompted me to seek counseling and psychiatric help after a good friend took his own life my junior year. The next year was spent in a fog as doctors paraded medication after medication in front of me, searching for something to fill the void. Instead I found ...

The Mission of Multiplication

Author: Matt ChandlerCategory: General, Missions, Theology

Beginning this weekend, we will turn our attention as a church body to the book of Acts. As we enter into the series, I wanted to address our purpose in studying it, and to pass on to you some tools to help leverage the time we will give to learning and applying the story of the early Church.

Mere Introspection or Godly Reflection?

Author: Brady GoodwinCategory: General

This fall, we spent several weeks in our Recovering Redemption series examining the roots of sin and idolatry and the surpassing hope of the gospel. Through the proclamation of His Word, God saves men and women and begins the work of sanctification in our lives. He helps us to see our sin, empowering us to find freedom from it and to pursue godliness as He conforms us to the image of Christ.

Considering Adoption

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: General, Parenting, Missions

It’s not uncommon to hear a Christian couple say that they’ve “talked about adoption.” There’s a good chance that you, at some point or another, have considered what it might look like for you to adopt a child. There are many of us who “talk about it,” but we may not know how to take it beyond talk.

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