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Your Baptism Preaches a Sermon

Author: Jared MusgroveCategory: Church Life

Each year, The Village Church is privileged to consistently celebrate hundreds of new creations in the baptismal waters. With every baptism, we witness a drama that visually and viscerally presents the reality of God’s power to rescue those whom He calls His own. Those being baptized share their stories of redemption from the platform. Again and again, we hear that these stories are being used ...

Men: Made for Submission

Author: Kyle WorleyCategory: Leadership

I have always wanted to be in charge. I get uncomfortable watching home videos from my childhood because I can see the roots of my pride, entitlement and selfishness play out as I watch little Kyle work as hard as he can to control the room.

Our Beliefs Shape Our Behavior

Author: Beth BroomCategory: General

I don’t know much about construction, but I have watched as a house was built over a period of days and months. I know about the materials used to build a home and the time needed to do the job correctly. I know that, at least in North Texas, most houses are built on concrete foundations. The cement is carefully poured within a particular area and is allowed ample time to harden before ...

We Are More than Our Resumes

Author: Caroline SmileyCategory: Culture

I recently watched the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. After watching WW2 unfold through the lives of the 101st Airborne, I was deeply moved by their heroism. The valor required of these men simply to survive the war was utterly astounding. One aspect of the conclusion particularly struck me. On the battlefield the men were equals—they lived, ate, slept, fought and suffered together, all bent ...

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