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Debunking the Myth of the Goldilocks Woman

Author: Erin BrindleyCategory: Culture

Some women think they’re “too much”: too loud, too dominating, too far from feminine. They speak their minds, broadcast their opinions and win high school yearbook awards such as “Most Likely to be a Lawyer.” Others think they’re “not enough”: not enough to be understood, noticed, known. These women live in their minds, keeping what opinions they do have to themselves. And if ...

Give Us This Day Our Daily News

Author: Jared MusgroveCategory: Culture, Prayer, Suffering

Recent events have tuned the eyes and ears of Americans toward news sources in ways we have not seen for quite some time. And, as ceaseless reports of disease outbreak, brutal violence, tragedy and genocide plaster our plasma screens, believers must be mindful of how we receive our news and what we choose to do with it.

Settle Down or Marry Up

Author: Adam GriffinCategory: Singleness, Marriage

Being single when you’d rather be married can sometimes be downright lousy. I was single for almost the entirety of my twenties and, although I wasn’t desperate to get married at the time, I remember seasons when I strongly felt discontentedly alone.

Is Singleness a Gift?

Author: Erin BrindleyCategory: Singleness, Marriage

When I hear the word “gift,” I think of birthday parties and Christmas morning. I think of wrapping paper and toys. I think of a present someone bought to bless me. When I hear “good gift,” I think not only of getting something, but also of getting something that I want. The good gifts are the ones on the holiday wish list.

Your Baptism Preaches a Sermon

Author: Jared MusgroveCategory: Church Life

Each year, The Village Church is privileged to consistently celebrate hundreds of new creations in the baptismal waters. With every baptism, we witness a drama that visually and viscerally presents the reality of God’s power to rescue those whom He calls His own. Those being baptized share their stories of redemption from the platform. Again and again, we hear that these stories are being used ...

Men: Made for Submission

Author: Kyle WorleyCategory: Leadership

I have always wanted to be in charge. I get uncomfortable watching home videos from my childhood because I can see the roots of my pride, entitlement and selfishness play out as I watch little Kyle work as hard as he can to control the room.

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