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Psalm 119

Author: Geoff AshleyCategory: Theology

1. God’s word is called…a. The law of the LORD (1), b. Testimonies (2), c. Statutes (3), d. Commandments (6), e. Your word (9), f. Rules (20), g. Precepts (27), and h. Promise (148). 2. God’s word is described as…a. Riches (14), b. Wondrous (18), c. Counselors (24), d. Worthy (37), e. Good (39), f. Comforting (50), g. Righteous (62), h. Valuable (72), i. Sure (86), j. Firm (89), k. ...

Foundational Truths

Author: Carl BrowerCategory: Parenting

If you have been coming to The Village with preschoolers for any length of time, you have seen or experienced the Foundational Truths. These are the five statements we use to teach the kids about what God has revealed about Himself in Scripture. These statements are on the stickers your children wear home each Sunday, and are the focus of our teaching in the classrooms. I am including below an ...

Thorn bushes and flowers

Author: Carl BrowerCategory: Parenting

“Let go!” “It’s mine, Katherine!” “But I was playing with it!” The sounds of this exchange come out of my son’s room, down the hall, into the den, and vibrate my eardrums with an intensity that cause me to immediately stand, and walk with purpose in the direction from whence the sounds are coming. Upon reaching the room, I see that both my children are sitting on the bed ...

Cares of This World

Author: Blake ChiltonCategory: Parenting

In Mark 4, Jesus gets into a boat, sits down and begins teaching a crowd a parable about a sower. The story is about a man who goes around and scatters seed that falls in different places on different types of ground. The outcome of these seeds is different, but there was one outcome in particular that caught my attention more than the others. It’s what happened when Jesus describes the result ...

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