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Averse to Authority

Author: Blake ChiltonCategory: Parenting

When I was in college I worked for a man who was a devout believer in Jesus Christ, whom I respected very much. During my employment with him, we had a situation that arose about sharing our faith in a specific arena in which it was not welcome. His appointed leadership chose to go the route that we would not verbally share our faith in this specific domain.

Sticks and Stones...

Author: Josh PattersonCategory: General

Do you remember the phrase, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? I think it was something I was taught as a kid. Well, it’s a lie. Words do hurt and sometimes words actually destroy. We can all testify to this reality in our own lives as we have been both the recipient of hurtful words and dished some out to others. Oftentimes some of our deepest wounds have ...

Mindful of Mormons

Author: Matt McCauleyCategory: Parenting

So I’ve been thinking about Mormons a lot lately. PBS recently aired a four hour fun-filled documentary on the LDS (Latter-Day Saints) faith and I’ve had Mormons on the mind ever since. From its cloudy beginnings with Joseph Smith and his disappearing golden tablets to its current world-wide explosion and evangelization, the film digs deep into the 13 million (and growing) member church.

Together for the Gospel

Author: Geoff AshleyCategory: Theology

Together for the Gospel (T4G) was originally birthed out of a friendship between four pastors with a solid commitment to the foundations of the faith and yet quite divergent theological convictions upon issues such as the charismatic gifts and the mode and timing of baptism. From there, it has expanded into a collection of like-minded (in regards to the essentials) pastors with a passion for the ...

Thanking God for Our Volunteers

Author: Isaac WimberleyCategory: Worship & Music

Each Sunday I am reminded just how important our volunteers are at The Village Church. At 6 a.m. there are men and women getting the sound and video ready to go as well as setting up drums, guitars and pianos. As you walk around the campus around 8 a.m., you find our parking team prepping the lot and praying for the morning. In another area of our building you see a circle of our greeters and ...

Mr. Mom

Author: John WarrenCategory: General

Monday, April 5, was a bad day for me. On January 21, my wife, Natalee, and I were blessed with the arrival of a beautiful little girl we named Olivia. The first woman who really discipled Natalee in college was named Olivia. We lost her to cancer a few years ago, and so we were eager to honor her memory by giving her name to our daughter. For the last 10 weeks, my wife has been staying at home ...

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