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If You Want To Be A Better Pastor, Read Great Blogs

Author: Michael BleeckerCategory: General

Ok, that’s not exactly true. Blogs can take hours of your time by keeping you glued to your computer when you could be outside enjoying the beautiful weather. But, on the other hand, certain blogs can be an incredible source of doctrine, news, ideas, etc. Well, my friends, now you can enjoy the sunny day away from your computer while reading your blogs.

Worshiping God in the Rain

Author: Geoff AshleyCategory: Theology

Last night I awoke late in the night to booming thunder and lightning which occasionally lit my typically dark bedroom. As I write this blog it is still raining outside and the forecast is for scattered storms to continue for the next couple of days. I love the rain (except when I was in seminary and would have to run across campus and sit through a lecture while soaking wet).

Just Do Something

Author: Geoff AshleyCategory: Theology

I just finished reading Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung and found it to be an excellent resource for those of us who struggle to discern God’s will for their lives. DeYoung helpfully distinguishes between the various ways in which we might understand “God’s will.” For example, we can speak of God’s will of decree (also known as His sovereign will – that which He will surely ...

Songwriting 101

Author: Isaac WimberleyCategory: Worship & Music

Writing music for preschool aged children has been a passion of mine for the last five years. There is a certain beauty in the way children understand music. This naiveté is single handedly the most attractive/burdensome attribute to writing for this age group. On one hand you have the ability to paint a picture that will help mold and shape a child’s view of God.

Memories, Moments and Eternal Realities

Author: Josh PattersonCategory: General

Saturday night we stayed at my dad's house in Plano. Natalie was getting the kids ready for bed and I went to pick up some Pei-Wei for dinner. As I drove through the neighborhood around dusk, I found myself thinking about growing up there. I passed several houses of friends, teachers, acquaintances, crushes and even neighborhood rivals (other punk kids).

Biblical Sex Series - Part 3: Protection

Author: Josh PattersonCategory: Culture

Almost every night before bed, my wife and I pray together and then I say, “I have been faithful to you today, and I will be right here if you need me.” Then I fall fast asleep. I don’t say these words to her because she is filled with anxiety, mistrust or worry. Rather, I started saying this a few years ago as a reminder to Natalie of the promise I made before God, her and a host of ...

30 Seconds

Author: Michael Bleecker

It’s Sunday morning. You step onto the stage and sit down at the piano or strap on your guitar. The songs you picked out earlier in the week have now been practiced well, the band is behind you tuning their instruments and the crowd is stirring. In about 30 seconds, you will be leading the church in song.