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To Date or Not to Date?

Author: Caleb BeetsCategory: Parenting

Every week I go to Marcus and Flower Mound High School to see our students at their school lunches. Almost every week I talk to a guy or girl who is upset or frustrated at their boyfriend or girlfriend. The story that I am told is different almost every time, but the source by which this story has developed is almost always the same.

Pride: How the mighty fall

Author: Josh PattersonCategory: General

I just started reading a book by Jim Collins (author of "Good to Great") titled, "How the Mighty Fall." Collins unveils several years' worth of research on why great companies collapse. These are companies like Zenith, Circuit City, Bank of America, Merck, IBM, etc.

What If I Want to Repent, but I am Not Elect?

Author: Geoff AshleyCategory: Theology

Two members approached me afterward and expressed their understanding that the gentleman had asked if it was possible to desire salvation and yet never be saved because one was not elect. In other words, does the doctrine of election imply that men, women and children who genuinely desire salvation and repentance, but who were not elect, are without hope?

Should We Study Eschatology?

Author: Brandon BarkerCategory: Theology

"When we think about the last things we must never allow our minds to be diverted from this principle, that the last things, like the first things, are the things of Jesus Christ." —Sinclair Ferguson, "The Last Things," Ligonier Leadership Conference. Eschatology is the study of the end times, also known as the "Doctrine of the Last Things."

Truth Check

Author: John WarrenCategory: Worship & Music

At The Village we are passionate about truth. We talk about it, preach about it, sing about it and attempt, through the Spirit, to live it out. Ultimately we define truth as a person, the God-man, Jesus Christ who said in John 14 verse 6, "I am the way, and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Rest that Sleep Can't Provide

Author: Josh PattersonCategory: General

I spent the last two weeks away from work and one of those weeks in Jamaica on vacation. I had no agenda and not a lot of responsibility. I didn't have e-mails to return, no pressure to return calls or make meetings. My most pressing decision was which book to read. It really was a great couple of weeks.

Why Do We Sing New Songs?

Author: John WarrenCategory: Worship & Music

Jonathan Edwards: "And the duty of singing praises to God seems to be appointed wholly to excite and express religious affections. No other reason can be assigned why we should express ourselves to God in verse rather than in prose, and do it with music, but only that such is our nature and frame that these things have a tendency to move our affections."

Are You Approachable?

Author: Michael BleeckerCategory: General

I've been thinking a lot about how well I receive advice, ideas or correction. When approached by a member of our church or cornered by an enthusiastic musician who has ideas about how I could do things differently ("better" may be a more appropriate word here), or even caught up in the inevitable "difficult talk" my wife and I inevitably have (the double "inevitable" is for you single guys), ...

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