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The Transgender Issue and Our Misplaced Fear

Author: David RoarkCategory: Culture

Outside the current presidential election cycle that has been nothing short of a political circus, the transgender issue has emerged as one of the most pertinent challenges we now face as Christians interacting in the public square. From the highly-publicized transition of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner, to Target’s initial statement about their bathroom policy, to the top-down POTUS ...

Reflecting God’s Image by How We Respond to the Boy and the Gorilla

Author: Karen Swallow PriorCategory: Culture

Last weekend, a toddler climbed over a barricade at the Cincinnati Zoo, tumbled over a cliff into the moat, and was carried away by a male gorilla. To save the boy, the gorilla was killed. It was a sad turn of events that could have turned out far worse.  The mountain gorilla is an endangered species, as are all gorillas today. According to National Geographic, only 700 mountain gorillas ...

The Frustration of Slowing Down

Author: Mason KingCategory: Culture

Life is busy, and it’s easier to dream of escape than to face the reason we stay busy: We crave distraction to avoid feeling things at a heart level. Sitting in a room of pastors, talking about the need for becoming a more wholehearted and centered person, I couldn’t help but blurt out, “It will just require slowing down, and that’s frustrating.” The tension in my ...

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