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If We Survive the Night

Author: Mason KingCategory: Theology

I’ve been fiddling with this brush for hours. I’ve washed it four times and still can’t wipe the blood from my mind. For weeks, things have been happening. The water turned. The locusts came. Then the darkness. For three days the sun disappeared. Life has been turned upside down. And now this. Sitting here in the dark of night. She’s been so strong. My wife forced her ...

The Gospel and Exodus

Author: JT EnglishCategory: Theology

When I was a kid, I had a Bible on my nightstand that I would read from time to time. Not knowing where to start, I would begin in Genesis 1 and inevitably, I would get lost somewhere in Exodus, Numbers or—if I was really ambitious—Leviticus. I could not understand how these stories fit with each other or how they fit with the more familiar stories in the New Testament. I really ...

Perfection, the Olympics and Our Future Hope

Author: Kyle PorterCategory: Culture

In 1973, Secretariat won horse racing’s Triple Crown by taking the Belmont Stakes in New York by a preposterous 31 lengths. How could a single beast gallop that much faster than all the other beasts? He was called “a tremendous machine” by CBS announcer Chic Anderson on the broadcast. In an ESPN SportsCentury episode produced 25 years later, it was revealed that Jack Nicklaus, ...

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