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Grace Made Visible: #askTVC Week 2

Author: Matt ChandlerCategory: General, Theology

This week, we address the following questions: Where do you find Edwards’ article about grace made visible online? How would you explain the Trinity to a nonbeliever? Do you ever second-guess something you’ve said during counseling, preaching or something written in your books or tweets? How do you combat the enemy? How do you think social media affects how nonbelievers view ...

Why Be Generous?

Author: Anne Lincoln HolibaughCategory: General

What should generosity look like in the life of the believer? The people of God learn what it means to be generous from God, for He has a generous heart. God is not stingy or reluctant in His giving. He loves to give and is happy to bless. He takes great delight in providing for His children.

Pray for Plano

Author: Hunter HallCategory: General

As the Plano campus prepares to launch, we would love for you to join us in praying for the Lord to do mighty things in the city of Plano, both through our campus and in the lives of the men and women we will meet. Whether you plan to attend the Plano campus or not, you can participate in its launch by praying with us and for us.

Grace Made Visible: #askTVC Week 1

Author: Matt ChandlerCategory: General, Theology

This week, we address the following questions: How do I balance giving generously with still wisely saving for my family’s future? What does your personal devotional time look like? Do you separate it from what you’re teaching through? I'm worried that this series is going to lead to a giving initiative. Is this where this is headed? Sometimes I give because I know that ...

Resources for Our Summer Sermon Series

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: General

This summer we’re doing a six-week sermon series called “Grace Made Visible.” The first three weeks will focus on generosity and how we are called to steward our money and resources. The last three weeks will focus on spiritual gifts, explaining why God gives us specific gifts and what it looks like to practice them within the local church. The heart of the series will be about God’s ...

Fixating on the Father Wound

Author: Matt YoungerCategory: General

I don’t feel like I really know your story until I hear about your dad. Was he the quintessential hero? Have you already started writing his biography? Is he the obvious namesake of your first-born son? I hope so. These are my favorite stories.

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