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Exodus: Delusional Gods and Kings

Author: Jared MusgroveCategory: Culture

Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, the most recent in the trend of big-screen Bible epics, is a gritty Moses movie, far more so than Cecil B. DeMille’s iconic The Ten Commandments or Dreamworks’ animated Prince of Egypt. The film opens with a fully immersive battle scene in which we meet Scott’s version of Moses, portrayed by Christian Bale, and Ramses, quite effectively portrayed by ...

Serial and the Question of Liturgy

Author: David RoarkCategory: Worship & Music, Culture

By now, you’ve probably heard of the latest NPR podcast, Serial. It’s being called the most popular podcast in iTunes’ history based on the amount of streams and downloads. From the creators of This American Life, the show follows one story over 12 weekly episodes. The inaugural season centers on a Baltimore murder in 1999, specifically the alleged guilt of the teenage perpetrator. The ...

Savor the Wait

Author: Hunter HallCategory: Church Life

I am not good at waiting. In fact, I can’t stand surprises. If I know something is coming, I want it right then. Obviously this trait is exposed every year at Christmas. Growing up, I remember looking for—and sometimes finding—my Christmas presents each year. I was a joy thief. I was so discontent in the waiting that I missed the beauty in the anticipation of what was to come.

The Church and the Working Woman

Author: Brady GoodwinCategory: Leadership , Ministry

One of my great joys is watching my wife, Aimee, care for our newborn son, Hans. She’s a natural fit for motherhood. That she would excel in this way should come as no surprise, as I’ve had the opportunity to see many of these gifts develop during her years as a nurse. She has flourished in the workplace, serving with skill and diligence. I believe these mutual callings have only served to ...

I've Been Dancing With Her Ever Since

Author: Jared MusgroveCategory: Family , Marriage

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children… Proverbs 13:22 Stories are powerful. They have a unique way of speaking to us and shaping who we are. Stories are a means of discipleship. That is why I believe storytelling is essential to the flourishing of marriages and families. I have found this to be increasingly true in my own life as I have grown from boy to man to ...

Making Advent Count

Author: Anne Lincoln HolibaughCategory: Worship & Music, Family , Church Life

The Christmas season is quickly approaching. For some, it is already in full swing. This time of year offers many opportunities for families and friends to spend time together in celebration and active remembrance of Christ’s coming. It is a time for our hearts to be stirred and strengthened as we consider God’s unwavering faithfulness and unmatched love, shown in the sending of His Son.

6 Hopes From A Beautiful Design

Author: Matt ChandlerCategory: Culture, Church Life

This past weekend, we wrapped up our fall series on biblical manhood and womanhood, A Beautiful Design. All along, I planned to land the plane in a particular way and spent last week writing and preparing that message. But at the last minute—literally on Saturday—I felt the Spirit compelling me to go a different direction and give a sermon that would be far more pastoral than prophetic.

Choose Hospitality Over Entertaining

Author: Jen WilkinCategory: Culture, Community

On November 6, 2010, I tweeted the Most Regrettable Tweet of my mediocre social media career. In anticipation of the holiday season, I decided to weigh in on hospitality. The tweet was a flawless blend of selective memory and self-righteousness, designed to heap condemnation on the heads of my followers under the guise of offering wise counsel. It was a verbal “selfie” snapped from my best ...

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