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Summer Family Activity Book

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Family , Church Life

Summer is fast approaching! For many of you, the next few months will be filled with travel, adventure and increased opportunities to spend time together as a family. As you begin to think about and plan how you will spend the next few months, we’d like to once again present you with the Summer Family Activity Book. This resource gives you ideas on how to be intentional with your time ...

True Sin or False Guilt?

Author: Zach LeeCategory: Theology

I often feel defeated over things the Bible never even says I need to do. Though I believe that God’s Word is completely sufficient, “that the man of God be complete, equipped for every good work” (2 Tim. 3:17), I find that I don’t always act that way.

Your Clothes Tell a Story

Author: Jenna LuskCategory: Culture, Finances

Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot of money. When the new school year rolled around, clothes shopping more often involved sifting through hand-me-downs than trips to the mall. In high school, I discovered the thrill of hunting for clothes at thrift stores.

Show Honor on Mother's Day (Even When It's Hard)

Author: Jen WilkinCategory: Family

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, sending children of all ages scurrying to the greeting card aisle to find just the right sentiment to send to Mom. This celebration touches all of us. Though we may not all be mothers, all of us have a mother. And for the people of God who delight in the commands of God, Mother’s Day holds a special meaning, going far beyond a mere calendar date that ...

Two Wisdoms and the Good Life

Author: JT EnglishCategory: Culture, Theology

The pursuit of the good life is nothing new. In Jesus’ time, to live the good life meant to be a person of wisdom. Wisdom was a notion that was discussed, examined and sought after (1 Cor. 1:22), offering its practitioners a way to interpret life and to be good citizens.

The Bright Sadness of Holy Week

Author: Jonathan WoodliefCategory: Theology

Whether it’s circled in red marker on our wall calendars or programmed in green in our phones, many of us are anticipating Easter weekend. Often our traditions emphasize either resurrection rejoicing or cross-centered sorrow at the expense of the other. Which is the right posture?

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