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Are You Ready to Stay Married?

Author: Adam GriffinCategory: General

If a couple is wise, even before they get engaged, they’ll ask their friends and family some big questions of their own. They will seek advice about developing domestic harmony, having a unified vision for financial peace and confirming their theological alignment. They will beg for insight into the melding of diverse backgrounds into a new family. They’ll gauge others’ opinions on the ...

John Newton's Advice on Quarrels

Author: Jonathan WoodliefCategory: General

Many know John Newton as the former slave-trader, preacher and author of “Amazing Grace,” but he was also a prolific letter-writer amid the Second Great Awakening. In fact, one of his best means of shepherding was through writing letters. One writer said of him, “They found in him one who had been a worse sinner than themselves and who could enter into their experiences with tenderness and ...

The False Freedom of Narcissism

Author: Matt ChandlerCategory: General

Every human heart desires freedom. Born into a fractured world, we feel the weight of that fracture from very early on. And we fight to find escape from it. The reason I am driven or lazy, the reason I pursue relationships or hide from relationships, the reason I’m honest or I’m a liar is that I am searching for freedom from the things that haunt me, from that gnawing inside of me, from the ...

Four Truths for Parents of Unbelieving Children

Author: Zach LeeCategory: Parenting

Ministering at The Village is one of the most joyous things I’ve ever done. I love getting to walk with people through different seasons in their lives. It is a privilege to rejoice with them in the good times and weep with them in the bad times. Due to our location, the most common demographic of people I’m around are couples with children. I don’t have kids yet, so they don’t ask me ...

Four Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah

Author: Josh PattersonCategory: General

Leadership tends to define itself better in person than on a page. In recent decades, leadership has vaulted to the forefront of organizational discussion, classroom research and publishing houses across the world. Books on the topic abound. In their work “Classical Leadership,” Michelle Doyle and Mark Smith write, “What is leadership? It seems to be one of those qualities that you know ...

Should My Middle Schooler Date?

Author: Matt McCauleyCategory: Parenting

“So you have a girlfriend?” I ask. “Yeah, we’ve been going out for three weeks now.” “Oh really? Where exactly are you going?” I can’t help but respond. As a Middle School minister, this is a common conversation I find myself having with students. What I really want to say to the young man is, “Let me get this straight: You don’t have a job, can’t drive and just ...

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