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Putting Jesus in a Box

Author: Beth BroomCategory: Parenting, Culture

When I was a young child, we had lots of Christmas traditions. What I still love to this day is that our traditions were unique to our family. They brought us together through shared experience and gave us a sense of unity.

Fear and Trembling at Advent

Author: Mason KingCategory: General

Scripture tells us that, as shepherds were watching their flock at night, an angel of the Lord came and told them of Christ’s birth. The stillness of the desert air and the calm of the darkness was interrupted by an angel of the Lord, fierce and mighty—God’s glory shining brightly. Surprised, terrified, in awe—the shepherds stared at the angel who said to them, “Fear not.”

Dealing with Loss at Christmas

Author: Charity KeldieCategory: General, Culture

Christmas—it’s a time of wonder, magic, joy, peace and those warm-hearted feelings that make December “the most wonderful time of the year.” But for those of us who have lost loved ones, this season may be marked by grief, loneliness, doubt and fear. Traditions that used to bring joy now bring a flood of tears. Crowded rooms feel hauntingly lonely because someone is missing. Nothing ...

Substance Over Shadows

Author: Matt ChandlerCategory: General, Culture

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, and we’re already into the holiday season full throttle. The lights are already up, Christmas music is playing, people are talking about gift ideas, and the commercials have started. It’s on. And some of us didn’t even have the decency to wait for Thanksgiving to be over before we coated every surface in tinsel and fake snow. The “Christmas season” ...

Making New Traditions at Advent

Author: Matt TonneCategory: Parenting

I'm not really crafty or artistic. I don't love buying carefully selected gifts. I don't love carving out big chunks of time to spend with my family. I just want to get my to-do list finished. And during the holidays, that list is impossibly long. Consequently, I just don’t feel like I’m great at Advent.

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