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Our Beliefs Shape Our Behavior

Author: Beth BroomCategory: General

I don’t know much about construction, but I have watched as a house was built over a period of days and months. I know about the materials used to build a home and the time needed to do the job correctly. I know that, at least in North Texas, most houses are built on concrete foundations. The cement is carefully poured within a particular area and is allowed ample time to harden before ...

We Are More than Our Resumes

Author: Caroline SmileyCategory: Culture

I recently watched the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. After watching WW2 unfold through the lives of the 101st Airborne, I was deeply moved by their heroism. The valor required of these men simply to survive the war was utterly astounding. One aspect of the conclusion particularly struck me. On the battlefield the men were equals—they lived, ate, slept, fought and suffered together, all bent ...

The Dividing Wall is Gone

Author: Matt ChandlerCategory: Culture, Community

In the first-century Herodian temple where the Jews worshiped, there was a series of courts separated by gated walls. Each court moved progressively closer to the Holy of Holies. The first gate was the gate of the Gentiles, and you could walk around in that court if you were a God-fearing Gentile.

Much Given and Required for American Christians

Author: Jen WilkinCategory: General, Culture

American Christians certainly enjoy greater material wealth than much of the world, but we enjoy less tangible forms of wealth, as well. We aren’t always aware of how wealthy we truly are. And because of this, we may not remember that to whom much is given, much is required: With great wealth comes great responsibility.

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