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Seeing Infertility as God's Mercy

Author: Brady GoodwinCategory: General

“I don’t see a heartbeat.” Those six words sank like anchors. The sonogram image, pulsing with life only days before, showed a scene that was at once familiar yet devastatingly surreal. Our doctor confirmed it, and we saw our hopes for parenthood end. Seven weeks into pregnancy, my wife, Aimee, miscarried. It was our second miscarriage. We sat in stunned silence as tears streamed down ...

The False Nostalgia of Mad Men

Author: David RoarkCategory: Culture

You’ve probably never heard the name “Hal Riney,” but he’s perhaps the most celebrated ad man in American history. Though Riney made an array of brands successful—he even helped Ronald Reagan get re-elected—there was a consistent thread in all his work: nostalgia. Riney sold products by connecting them with a vision of “the good life,” a time in the past when things were ...

A Meditation on Passover

Author: Mason KingCategory: General

As Easter approaches, our Fort Worth Home Groups pastor, Mason King, has written a unique blog post reflecting on Passover. This post is a work of creative writing, different from what we normally share. It is based on Exodus 11-12. We hope you enjoy it.

Five Admirable Traits of an Early Church Marriage

Author: Adam GriffinCategory: General

If you are in an imperfect marriage, take heart; a lot of us other humans are, as well. Not one of us is able to overcome the brokenness in ourselves and in our spouse. It is only at a distance that we can possibly look at someone’s marriage and see pure nuptial bliss. The closer we get to a husband and wife, the more we see how self-centeredness and insecurity impact even the most honest and ...

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