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Reconciliation as Refuge

Author: Jason ClarkeCategory: Culture

Seven years ago, my wife and I founded an organization called Free City International, presently known as Seek the Peace. Ever since, it has been our mission to build peacemaking initiatives with refugees to the U.S. from places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Burma. We have traveled to Lebanon, Jordan and Israel/Palestine in an effort to comfort and equip those in conflict. Our team ...

Books to Help You Pursue Racial Reconciliation

Author: Matt ChandlerCategory: Culture, Church Life

In my sermon this past weekend, I talked about three ways we can respond to the call for racial reconciliation: pray, pursue and persevere. One particular way that we can pursue reconciliation is by increasing what I called our “ethnic IQ.” In that, I mentioned several books that I’ve found helpful in seeking to develop my own ethnic IQ.

Three Helps for Moms With Teenagers

Author: Beth BroomCategory: Family

My daughter just turned 13. I’m presently stuck between feeling very proud and very old. She’s an incredible young woman—responsible, smart, caring and conscientious. I don’t pretend I’m the one who made her that way, but I’m definitely reaping the benefits.

The Last Words You'll Ever Say

Author: Adam GriffinCategory: Community , Family

I looked up to see the flight attendant wearing a determined look on her face and heading down the aisle in my direction. She was going to ask me to turn off my phone and she meant business. As we prepared to take off for our 13-hour flight to Japan, it dawned on me that I’d neglected to text my family. What if something happened to us on our journey and I didn’t text my wife and sons some ...

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