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Take Heart

How do we remain faithful to our beliefs while the culture around us becomes increasingly hostile toward Christianity? We look to God and take heart in Him, and we also bolster our brothers and sisters in Christ. In the current age of unbelief, it’s more vital than ever to encourage one another in Christian courage and conviction.

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Take Heart

All Campuses - 6/5/2016

In this three-week series, we look at how to have Christian courage and conviction in the midst of our increasingly hostile culture.

Source and Surface Idols

All Campuses - 5/29/2016

On this weekend, we took a break from doing a church-wide sermon series with a stand-alone message that was seen at all campuses of The Village Church.

Who We Are

Fort Worth Campus - 5/22/2016

This is a two-week series from Anthony Moore at the Fort Worth campus.

He Hears

All Campuses - 5/15/2016

This two-week series helps us to gain confidence in praying and shows us how misunderstandings and misapplications of the gospel rob us of one of God's great graces.

Family Discipleship

All Campuses - 4/17/2016

This three-week series encourages and equips parents and guardians in the area of family discipleship and informs the Church’s role in raising up the next generation as well.

Parting Words

Plano Campus - 4/3/2016 - 4/10/2016

On this weekend, we took a break from our standard church-wide teaching with a two week sermon series from pastors at the Plano campus of The Village Church.