Vision and Purpose

We’re all being discipled in something. The question is: What are we being discipled in? We believe that at the heart of Christian discipleship stands the story of God reconciling the world to Himself through the person and work of Jesus Christ. The Institute helps you find your place in this story, training you to grow in gospel-centered worship, gospel-centered community, gospel-centered service and gospel-centered multiplication. We do this through classes, forums, the Training Program, the Pastoral Residency Program and our Arts as Mission Fellowship.

We also want to make it clear that the Institute isn’t reserved for the “spiritual elite.” It’s for everyone: stay-at-home moms, Home Group leaders, business owners, teachers, singles—anyone who wants to grow in Christian discipleship. The Institute equips men and women to grow in their love for God and to live out His plan for reconciling and redeeming the world.


Our classes provide an opportunity to learn about a variety of topics, grounding our people in knowledge of the Bible, theology and spiritual formation. Typically, classes last for multiple weeks, meet for 1-2 hours and involve lecture and discussion. Some classes involve weekly work outside of class time. Led by staff and experts both inside and outside The Village, classes are offered on a campus level throughout the year.

If you're interested in joining The Story of Scripture, Church History or Genesis: Part 2 (men or women), please email the contact person for your campus.

Flower Mound
Dallas Northway
Fort Worth


This class lasts one week and covers the biblical significance of baptism and our beliefs on the ordinance. It also covers frequently asked questions and gives you the opportunity to share your testimony.

All campuses


This 11-week class introduces the history of the Church universal. From the time of Jesus Christ to the present day, participants will learn how the Church has endured persecution, combated false teaching and adapted its methods across cultures.

Dallas, Fort Worth and Southlake campuses


This class lasts one week and covers what it means to be a Covenant Member, as well as our mission, beliefs and theological distinctives.

All campuses


This 11-week class walks through Genesis 12 – 50. It follows the lives of the patriarchs, from Abraham through Joseph, as God unfolds His plan of redemption through His chosen people. Completion of Genesis: Part 1 is not necessary to take this class.

All campuses


This 11-week class offers a framework for understanding the big story of the Bible. Participants will become more familiar with the Bible as a whole, learning about God’s story and the part we play in it.

Flower Mound, Fort Worth and Plano campuses


Our forums provide an opportunity to learn about relevant, cultural topics and issues in light of the gospel. Typically, forums last 2-3 hours with a significant portion devoted to teaching and Q&A in a large group setting. Led by staff and experts both inside and outside The Village, forums are offered churchwide and at the campus level throughout the year.

Training Program

The Training Program is a one-year discipleship cohort with one coherent curriculum. It equips believers in three areas of discipleship—Christian story, Christian theology and Christian formation. By weaving together these three elements into a holistic approach to discipleship, men and women have the opportunity to grow in their love for God, Scripture and His mission.

Led by pastors and staff at The Village, the Training Program is currently offered at our Flower Mound campus and Dallas Northway campus, but it is open to individuals at all our campuses. We will also regularly bring in pastors, scholars and theologians from outside The Village to help train and equip those in the program. Participants can also receive seminary credit toward any of our participating seminaries.

The program lasts one year, with a fall and spring semester. The fall semester is August – December, and the spring semester runs January – May.


The Training Program is built around three fundamental aspects of Christian discipleship: Christian story, Christian belief and Christian formation. During the program, we’ll spend a significant amount of time in Scripture, learning theology, all for the sake of becoming more like Christ.

Christian Story

The most fundamental and important claim in Christian theology is that God has made Himself known in Scripture. We’ll spend the year working through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in order to come to a greater understanding of who God is and what He has done to reconcile the world to Himself in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Christian Belief

All Christian belief and theology is rooted in what is revealed in Scripture. As the curriculum moves through the Bible, significant time will be spent working through major biblical doctrines such as the Creator/creature distinction, trinitarianism, atonement, the doctrine of the Church and more.

Christian Formation

A major component of the Training Program is allowing the Bible and belief to shape and form us into the kind of people who live in the world according to the way of Jesus Christ. The program is not just about information, but transformation, as we seek to cultivate minds and affections for the sake of God's kingdom.

Application Process

While all our interns are part of the Training Program, the program is open to anyone in the church who wants to be involved. With that said, an application process is required, and we ask that participants commit to completing assignments and going through the program from start to finish. The cost of the program is $200. Applications will open April 7.


Pastoral Residency Program

The Pastoral Residency Program is specifically for future church planters, campus pastors, lead pastors, worship pastors and other church leaders. Those who finish the Training Program will also be considered as potential candidates for this program.

Arts as Mission Fellowship

Our goal is that our arts as mission fellows will be able to aim their gifts and work to serve the body and the city. Through the fellowship, they are involved in theological, business and creative development. This year, our arts as mission fellows are working toward two projects: one that is “art for the Church” and another that is “art from the Church.” We hope to showcase their work in forthcoming installations at The Village and in a gallery showing in the summer of 2017.

Mandy Busby

I was born and raised in Huntsville, Texas, and was blessed to grow up in a Christian home. I attended college at Texas A&M University, studying Landscape Architecture, a field that I worked in for two and a half years. In February of 2015, I was blessed to have the opportunity to pursue art on a full-time basis through commission work and live wedding paintings.

Throughout my life, the Lord has been kind to pursue me, rescue me and give me a desire to seek beauty. The flow of my paintbrush and the blending of hues became a way for me to speak with God when I didn't have the words. Art was a communal refuge to experience healing and restoration with our God. Each new work of art is a window into this beautiful narrative of grace in the midst of brokenness. This is a story that I am honored and humbled to share.

Mandy’s Fellowship Project

Mandy Busby is a visual artist, specializing in painting and sketching. She is currently working on a range of individual paintings, some of which are thematically adjacent to topics that we are exploring in our sermon series on Exodus.

Visit Mandy’s website

Guy Delcambre

For as long as I can remember, I have always been mesmerized by story, particularly the way stories are told. Stories heard in childhood, which invited me to see the world a certain way, have endured; this is both the power and beauty of story. As a poet and storyteller, the highest value is not simply sentences, but exactly how words hang just so as to invite others into other worlds, just as a magnificent painting. I write about the world I see, about faith in the frailty of our human condition and the beauty of God’s strength in the thinnest of moments.

Guy’s Fellowship Project

Guy Martin Delcambre is the author of Earth and Sky: A Beautiful Collision of Grace and Grief, a memoir exploring the immeasurable goodness of God’s grace amidst a sinking depth of grief. He has also authored countless poems and short stories. Guy is working on a forthcoming book that will be an interactive devotional for those who are enduring or have endured trial, suffering, loss and grief.

Earth and Sky: A Beautiful Collision of Grace and Grief

Visit Guy’s website

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