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Burton French

Burton French

Campus Elder

Life Story

I grew up in Beaumont, Texas, the youngest of three sons. We had a very close family. My grandmother was my greatest spiritual influence. She lived out her faith by her love for Jesus and for Scripture and a strong prayer life. At the age of 11, I trusted in Christ alone for my salvation, but I did not grow much in my faith for about 10 years. Although I attended church, I was much more interested in sports and partying with friends.

While a junior at Texas A&M University, two very important things happened. First, the Lord allowed me to meet Joan, who has been my wife now for 33 years. Second, a couple of guys shared the gospel at a fraternity meeting, and it shook me from my spiritual laziness and gave me a new desire to follow Jesus and to read the Word of God.

Early in our married life, Joan and I met two elderly neighbors, Clifton and Rose Allen, who mentored us and spoke the gospel into our lives. They also led us into a church family for the first time since we had married. We moved several times and lived in Chicago for three years, attending the church that D.L. Moody started in 1865. There, God really stretched me and taught me about His plan to take the gospel to every tongue, tribe and nation on earth. I learned that God is so much bigger than my small world and me. We moved to Dallas in 1991, and I served in small groups, missions and as an elder at another local church. The Lord led us to The Village’s Dallas Northway campus in 2010, where we now enjoy raising the average age of the church. Along the way, we have been incredibly blessed by our sons: John (and his wonderful wife, Emily), David and William. Joan and I are enjoying empty nesting.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village rests more in its character than its accomplishments. While Timothy was pastoring the church in Ephesus, Paul reminded him “the aim of our charge is love, which comes from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith” (1 Tim. 1:5). My hope is that this gospel-centered love will result in glory to God in our church, our community and around the world.

Central Office

2101 Justin Road, Flower Mound, Texas 75028 
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